Care & Repair FAQ

Want to keep your jewellery looking dreamy? Here’s how.


Gold filled
☥ Solid 14K gold mechanically bonded to a base metal.
☥ Water resistant and perfect for daily wear. A forever piece if taken care of properly.
☥ Clean occasionally with a polishing cloth and/or soapy water.
☥ Keep away from Chlorine and harsh chemicals.

Heavy Gold Plate
☥ A small amount of my items (i.e charms) are made from a heavy gold plate.
☥ Items will be resistant to tarnishing and designed for long term wear.
☥ Keep items looking new with regular polishing and avoiding exposure to moisture, oils and fragrances.

☥ A natural metal that needs regular shining as it can become dull with long term wear.
☥ To polish leave the brass piece in a lemon and baking soda paste for 20 minutes. Gently buff and allow to dry.
☥ Do not wear in the ocean.


☥ I am happy to offer repairs. Please contact me via the form below for more information.

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