KARA KHUMA was born in a dream.

Where the sun always shone.

And deep-skinned Goddesses reigned supreme.

It was an escape for a Girl.

Who searched the whole world. For a sense of belonging.  

So behind Her eyes, to Her surprise...

Stones, sands and silks rolled out before Her.

Abundant. Welcoming. As if She were a Queen returning home.

But yet, She would wake. And wander the world, to find this paradise beyond Her sleep.

Until a wise whisper told Her, “only You can create the belonging of which You seek.”


Tales of ancestral Goddesses, Queens and Mermaids.

Were soul food for my bashful child self.

I was ignited by their power, their beauty and strength.

As if they were faint memories of all the lives I lived.

My jewellery is constantly inspired.

By these legendary Women.

And You.

Today’s SuperNatural Woman.

Who, despite society’s war on femininity.

Continues flowing in your magic.

Naomi Olivia

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