Stay healthy my Queens. Welcome to the self love jewellery studio.

The Kara Khuma Story

Dedicated to your rising, Kara Khuma is an afro-spiritual jewellery collective which participates in the elevation of black female consciousness. 

It is your birthright to exist whole, full and intentional. To live with purpose and with great vision - to be in love with You and the life that You aspire to. As a creator by nature, You will change the world with your thirst for knowledge, challenge of social dogma and passionate discovery of your innate power. 

The path to healing and growth is often lonely and rarely understood, but we here see You trailblazing our sisterhood into realms of higher potential. Kara Khuma offers symbols to equip on your journey to soul alignment.

About the founder

Hi! I’m Naomi Olivia, and Kara Khuma is my creative soul baby.

Growing up, I was misfit. My childhood was a struggle with bullying and rejection both at school and home. I wanted desperately to be accepted by others and the constant ridicule was almost unbearable. By 14, I was sunken, broken and rapidly succumbing to thoughts of suicide.

I began channeling my depression into hobbies and at 18, I had bought my first set of jewellery tools and dreamed of selling my designs. But my continued low confidence meant that I didn’t believe in myself. It was finally the coaxing from a friend that encouraged me to pursue my dream. 

I consider my past not as an obstacle, but as a well to draw on for the deep soul work that followed and inspires my creations today. I believe that life gives us adversity to survive from so that we thrive on. Art is a powerful medium and I am so grateful it found me, it has the potential to provide healing, hope and quite literally - save a life. 

Thank You for stopping by and I hope you are inspired today.